Miniagency Co.,Ltd
was established by professional staffs who are experienced in media design and creation.
Within controllable budget, We aim to serve clients needs as we utilize media to effectively
penetrate their target customers. Thus, we hope that Mini Agency will become one of the best
new alternatives that will provide high-quality products and services for you.

Company Structure
For more than 10 years, our staffs and executives are experts in both business administrative
and media design. Moreover, we have constantly improved our staffs and the work systems.
We also have continuous annual plans for our work schedules and marketing strategies.

Our Objective
Our main objective when we established our business was to scale down the advertising agency
in order to provide more flexible service and reduce costs of production while our team still be
able to provide high-quality works. Our services will cover all customers needs ranging from
small-sized to full-sized works. We strive for customer satisfaction under reasonable prices.

Our Target
Our target customers are small and medium enterprises. With highly competitive economy
nowadays, small and medium size companies do not have competitive advantage in terms of
marketing and advertisement due to expensive costs of the service. This causes them trouble
promoting the products to target markets and customers. Hence, having tight marketing budget
would always lead them to lose competitive edge to the bigger companies.

Mini Agency has established to become a new alternative to provide advice regarding
marketing and advertising products and services for small and medium enterprises. We provide
advices regarding media, advertising, and public relation that would help those companies to
penetrate directly to their target markets and customers. With limited budget, we serve our
clients with high technology production and great staffs. Just like large agencies, our works are
always finished fast and on time.


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